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Digital storytelling, a way to reach a wide audience, a digital form of disseminating and popularizing stories.
Author: Agata Kühl

Following the Digital 2023 report, between 2022 and 2023, the number of internet users in Poland increased by 8.5%, reaching a total of 2.9 million users, constituting 88.4% of the Polish population spending an average of over 6 hours per day online.

Detailed data comes from the Digital 2023 report

By citing the above data, I want to emphasize the enormous potential for reaching audiences through digital storytelling. Naturally, the content must be engaging, and promotional efforts need to be invested to reach the appropriate audience with quality material. There are many factors contributing to success.

Our team's competencies are valuable in the stage of creating the substance we want to present to the target audience. When clients approach us wanting to tell their story in the online environment, our team is responsible for selecting technological solutions and proposing suitable visual means. All our digital storytelling projects differ in substantive content and presentation, but they are unified by their digital nature.

Projects of various kinds can take the form of digital storytelling. Among our achievements are digital exhibitions, interactive films, biographical narratives; all digital stories have the advantage of being universally accessible. Without visiting an art gallery, cinema, or bookstore, one can familiarize themselves with the content from any location with internet access. Digital storytelling can also revolve around a product or service, as demonstrated by one of our projects aimed at promoting a series available on a digital platform.