The Association of Polish Composers (ZKP)

The website for the 63rd edition of Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music. Music is a language, but language carries its own music. In the festival's concerts, both of these elements will intertwine in various ways, touching on issues such as:

the role of words in music – words embedded in music and music embedded in words – the language of music, music of language
common elements of music and language – the specificity of structures – the grammar of music, the architecture of text
similarity of functions – music and information – communication through music – means of conveying – the "speech" of music from a social perspective
the art of the time of the pandemic: domestic music.

This year's website design was based on the creation of a visual and auditory language. We created an algorithm that randomly combines open geometric shapes with syllables and characters. We recorded a sound bank for this purpose. We invited people from different countries to participate in the recordings, ensuring the preservation of their original accents.

Photos: Warsaw Autumn Archive
Poster: Adam Dudek