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VNLab / the Łódź Film School
2020 is an interactive narrative machine and, at the same time, an open-source exhibition: every user of the project can download a complete set of viewed materials for various purposes, such as research, discussions, or creating murals, collages, or interventions in space.

The interactive project by Tytus Szabelski consists of an archive of fragments, images, and gestures for self-assembly. For the past year and a half, Szabelski has been examining the activities of the American giant in Poland: labor relations, corporate culture, and Amazon's methods of informing about its activities. The artist's goal is not so much to expose the hidden truth about the company but to show how it redefines the concept of work and participates in building a contemporary form of capitalism characterized by platformization. This involves the vertical integration and global reach of companies such as Google, Microsoft, Airbnb, or Uber, as well as a new experience of time. Jonathan Crary calls this world "illuminated, devoid of shadows," in which any change seems impossible because everything has already been optimized. In such a world, humans are merely a "bottleneck" hindering the efficient functioning of the machine.