Copernicus Science Centre / Polish Radio

For the Copernicus Science Centre and Polish Radio, we created the visual identity for the 23rd edition of the Science Picnic. The event took place at the National Stadium. We produced over 750 formats for online and print publication for the organizers.

Quote: "Today, we are a civilization of machines. We live in such a deep symbiosis with them that we don't even notice it. The complex multi-level bridge standing several kilometers up the Vistula River from the PGE National Stadium is a machine. The processor in a smartphone or in the pacemaker of one of our picnic guests is also a machine. The smooth operation of the Siekierkowski Bridge is ensured by thousands of simple machines that perform useful work for us, such as dampening the vibrations of the entire structure caused by thousands of other machines—cars—passing over the bridge. In a smartphone or pacemaker, these useful tasks are performed by electric charges moving through complex transistor structures.

These new machines, regardless of whether they calculate anything for us or not, have become so indispensable in our lives today that we take care of their sustenance—electricity—as carefully as our own. However, for some reason, we have suddenly begun to fear newly emerging machines, which Karel Čapek, in his 20th-century play "R.U.R.," called robots. They don't exist yet, but some are already raising a fuss, just like the 19th-century Luddites. Maybe they're right?" – Author: Łukasz A. Turski

Animation / Motion Design: Milena Podloch
ID: Paweł Brzeziński / Rytm.Digital
Graphic design & DTP: Monika Rubov, Paweł Brzeziński
Photo Documentation: Paweł Brzeziński
Coordination & Account: Agata Kühl / Rytm.Digital